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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

and im back

so its been another long and hectic month....finished off my second placement....not a fan of teaching girls - was at an all girls catholic school....oh the incessant chatter.....so this is just a quick update of what is new in my life...first of all i am moving from my hostel hell....moving to the city as of july 1...happy canada to me :D second i start my vacation as of friday...trying to decide what im going to do....possibly thailand, maybe australia...dont know...suggestions? went away for my birthday weekend...went to waihke island, about a 45 minute ferry ride from auckland...a lot of fun...i'll post some pics of that....very pretty. went to an allblacks game on saturday night - for those who dont know, the allblacks are a rugby team in NZ - the rugby team --- they do the haka...sometimes they get in trouble, anyway they played ireland, my flatmate is from ireland, she knew one of the guys on the team, now this is where you would expect the story to get good....well it doesnt ....was supposed to go out with them after the game....but no, lost my cell phone...the time when you need it the most....good lesson, dont drink when you expecting an important call


Blogger Drew-Not-Toothpaste said...

Incessant. Teacher. ;)

7:21 PM  
Blogger gardner said...

lol i never said i could spell :P

7:44 PM  

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