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Monday, April 17, 2006

so what did you do for easter?


ok that was one of the most amazing experiences ive had so far in new zealand, and it was so completely random as well

easter sunday, me and my fellow canadians made a lovely easter dinner...on a side note turkeys here are ridiculously expensive, so we went for the traditional ham, which was ridiculously expensive but so much bigger....anyway dinner went well, we had it during the afternoon....one of my friends' flatmates mentioned the rolling stones concert...we got tickets....at 430 in the afternoon, at the concert by 630....so wicked....the rolling stones put on an amazing concert

here are just some random occurances from the concert

man on our left threw up for about two hours in the garbag can (during nickelback), and came too when the rolling stones came on

girl on our right, passed out on the grass after nickelback...missed the rolling stones, was still there when we left

rolling stones ended with satisifcation....and there were about 60, 000 people there

i'll update some pics tomorrow



Blogger Phronk said...

That's kickass! I like Nickelback live...with the cool platforms and flames all around them 'n shit (I hope they brought that to NZ). Regardless of whether their music is any good, that's how a rock concert should be. Haven't seen the Stones myself, but it sounds like a good time.

2:56 PM  

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