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Friday, April 28, 2006


ok im just going to make this quick because im at a hostel right now getting ready to go out to eat

but today i jumped out of a plane from 12,000 feet! oh yeah!

i love the south island of new zealand its fantastic

anyway i'll post more when i get back including pictures, even the pic of me jumping from the plane...or more like being pushed by my french canadian instructor


Monday, April 17, 2006

link to pictures...

because my internet is ridiculously slow....i have provided a link to my pictures....this shows all my pictures from new zealand, including seeing the rolling stones last night

let me know if the link works or not


so what did you do for easter?


ok that was one of the most amazing experiences ive had so far in new zealand, and it was so completely random as well

easter sunday, me and my fellow canadians made a lovely easter dinner...on a side note turkeys here are ridiculously expensive, so we went for the traditional ham, which was ridiculously expensive but so much bigger....anyway dinner went well, we had it during the afternoon....one of my friends' flatmates mentioned the rolling stones concert...we got tickets....at 430 in the afternoon, at the concert by 630....so wicked....the rolling stones put on an amazing concert

here are just some random occurances from the concert

man on our left threw up for about two hours in the garbag can (during nickelback), and came too when the rolling stones came on

girl on our right, passed out on the grass after nickelback...missed the rolling stones, was still there when we left

rolling stones ended with satisifcation....and there were about 60, 000 people there

i'll update some pics tomorrow


Friday, April 07, 2006


so today was my last day at my placement....im actually a little sad....but here is the card that my students made form me :) yes i know im not a mrs...but its the thought that counts

Thursday, April 06, 2006

some issues to address...

ok apparently i have been MIA for the past, lets say month and a half...and much to my dismay, i've been removed from two blog lists.....thelondonfog, and phronk (well not removed persay but crossed out) ....yes i'm a little bitter today, why you might ask? well my students were jerks today....you know when you want to scream at someone....but you just cant? well thats how i felt today. the stress is literally compiling right now.....i am surrounded by mounds of paper....and to make matters worse i live in the ghetto!!

why do i live in the ghetto you ask? well lets see if i am not attacked by insects every night, i am killing them in my spare time (one night i had ants in my bed) and i am surrounded by 17 and 18 years old! i feel like i am in first year all over again, but im that creepy mature student that lived on your floor....you know who im talking about

i know new zealand is supposed to be this paradise and people are jealous that im here, and blah blah blah....but sometimes we have bad days, and i am having one right now

i am in bitter town....population me

the one downside to this venting is that a lot more people read my blog now (i.e. family), so they're probably just shaking their heads at my ridiculousness....well actually since my lack of blogging, maybe no one is reading my blog anymore....hmmmm

ok i am going to stop...i promise nice exciting blogs about fun stuff....like my trip to the south island :D counting the days for that one

oh something else of interest...i made spinach dip for morning tea today, and no one in my staff room had had it before....crazy i know

Saturday, April 01, 2006

i promise i'm alive....

i know i know...it's been a month and a half since ive posted anything....i am a bad blogger

i promise that i will start posting regularly....i've just been insanely busy with teaching (who knew it would be so much work)

i'm on my last week of placement...so soon....there will be stories

look see there i am kissing a poster....don't ask (the beer explains it all)