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Friday, February 03, 2006

its been awhile....i know i know

yes that's right...that's my empty suit case...but it won't be empty for long....sunday i leave for new zealand so my blog will slightly change....it's still going to be a day in the life of me....but just in a different location

so the reason for my lack of posting is basically because i've been so busy getting stuff together, oh and also i was in a little bit of morning after the election (this is where leaving the country makes it better)

my london content was also lacking as well....more or less my blog has been lacking in general...but this is going to change.....i'll be away from london but i still plan to keep an eye out for ridiculousness in this city (which isn't going to be too hard) ...but i should have some better stories, and better pictures

hopefully i'll be able to post after my flight....im going to be losing my travel virginity....that's bound to have a good story...

over the past couple of days i've come to a couple of realizations.....i think im seriously going to miss london.....and i'm really going to miss my dogs....because that seems to be all i take pictures of lately....

that's malcolm (one of my sister's bulldogs)

that's reese (my other sister's boxer)

cleo (my lab)

and last but not least grady my other lab.....he doesn't like to have his picture taken...this was the best one:

oh and if one more person tells me that i'm going to meet and marry someone in new zealand i may or may not freak out and hurt them :)



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