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Sunday, December 25, 2005

hello my name is gardner, and i have a problem....

i'm addicted to tucker max

for the past couple of weeks, seriously all i do is read his stories, and his message board. fucking hilarious! he is probably the biggest asshole ever, but the stories are just so ridiculous and funny, i can't help but become addicted. i just finished his new book, i hope they serve beer in hell, which i pre-ordered on chapters.ca and got two days later. i couldn't put it down. although there were old stories in it, the new material definately made up for it. definately a great early christmas present for me...i just wish it was more then 300 pages. ah well can't get everything i want :)

i definately recommend checking out his site, and picking up a copy of his book. yes i want you all to become addicted as well


Monday, December 12, 2005

winter running....strippers at western....gotta be an interesting post

so its been brought to my attention that i haven't posted anything recently...or that my blog has been "quiet"....so i thought i would discuss a couple of things that have come to my attention....the first being how hard it is to run in the snow.... i did that today, my second time...all i have to say is that is the most intense run ive had in awhile...one could even say maybe better than sex :)

the only thing that gets me through my run though is believing that in 54 days i can be running on the beach and not the snow.
now on to what really grabbed your attention about my post today...and that is the strippers aspect of things. now western is known for certain things....the partying...rich people....but not really strippers....granted last year there was the porn (which was funny because i sat beside the guy in one of my politics classes)...but strippers?
im sure some of you have heard about what has happened at saugeen....i'll attach a link that goes into more detail, which includes the pictures....but come on, do girls really have no respect for themselves? like seriously....fine if you're going to strip, at least get money for it....but to do it for free and sober? and have your pictures posted on a lot of blogs....thats just sad
im definately shaking my head at this one....but i suppose it will increase enrollement for western, because you never know when you'll get a free lap dance...as well i think it just classes up london all the more :s