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Friday, September 23, 2005

dilemma's all around....

so i have been lax at posting of late...but i feel as if i say that in every blog entry....you know i have to admit, blogging is hard work when you really have nothing going on at the moment

let's see my days now consist of getting up early (like 8am) and getting ready for work, i come home from work, tired and bitchy because ive dealt with horrible people all day while i had to pretend to be nice...then i am tired and go to bed around 1030pm...now if this is what its like to be an adult, i am not prepared for this....thankfully i only have to endure this for 5 months...then i can head to paradise and back to the life of a student, and prolong the trip into adulthood

now given the choice....which would you choose?

sorry i had planned to post pictures of a horrible office environment and paradise...but sadly, i am having issues with pictures today....but you get the idea

i almost miss the days at city hall where i could at least make fun of the goings on ....hmmm maybe its time to get in touch with my contact, and get the entertaining facts....although i doubt there would be much interest in the potential love interest that is blooming on the custodial staff...but hey you never know

Monday, September 12, 2005

looks like i'm finally getting out of this city...

well this is just a slight update...i have finished my job at city hall, so i am finally free from those shackles...but i will still be getting updates on the underhanded happenings at city hall from my inside source. however, lets be honest, there's probably not going to be much we don't already know...that the city of london is run by a bunch of fools

oh and incase you were wondering about who's offices are who's when i posted on the types of offices in city hall...they all belong to city councilors....bryant (exercise ball), caranci (red phone/80s den), and winninger (fire hazard waiting to happen)

i began my new job last week....however the big news is that i'm heading to new zealand in february for teachers college....so for the next five months or so this blog will still be about content in london, and a day in the life of me...but come february it will be more of my adventures in new zealand...auckland to be exact. never fear though, i'll still be keeping tabs on london...i can only imagine the future mismangement