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Saturday, August 20, 2005

What does your office say about you?

i have to say this has been quite the week in london, and for myself. sorry for the lack of posting this week, there was just so much to write about i couldn't decide. anyway the free press has done a lot of coverage on what they have deemed newsworthy this week, so i feel like all that has been reported on, has been done to such an extent it would be pointless for me to comment. so instead i will focus on the happenings of my summer job. ah working at city hall has some benefits....i am able to see the mismangement first hand...oh the joy, and meeting our fine council members...this is just a side note, roger caranci, the mullet look....it's really not a good idea, nor style...

as well i get to experience the hatred from my boss. on a purely professional level he has no reason to hate me, however on a personal level apparently just being around does it for him. anyway he seems to take his personal hatred out on me on a professional level...giving me ridiculous tasks to complete, constantly checking and rechecking my work looking for the slightiest error....its actually gotten on the ridiculous side, but i'll allow him to be a bitter old man, im done in two weeks. so back to the point of this blog..... while at work i've been noticing people's office space....and i began to wonder, what does it say about them?

i'm only going to analyse three offices.... the first office i see has a scooter by the door, and an exercise ball as a chair. i envision that they use the scooter to go to their meetings, zip down the corridors of city hall and maybe race to the elevators to get to the free food faster....but this could only be my imagination. now the excercise ball as a chair is interesting....especially since its not the huge excersie balls you see at the gym, but the crappy small ones....i'm going to hazard a guess and say this person doesn't spend a lot of time in the office doing work....you have a scooter and an exercise ball as a chair, lets be honest...the work you're doing has to be minimal and you can't be there for long periods of time that requires indepth work at your desk. moving on is the office with mounds and mounds of paper....there is not one free spot on the desk, i kid you not, i believe this is a fire hazard waiting to happen. as well it begs the question, have they not heard of a filing cabinet? perhaps a garbage....apparently the desk is a good spot for every piece of paper you could possibly have(also there is no computer, but it is someones office, not just storage like i originally thought). as well how can one do work when there isn't any space to do it in? (seeing a pattern?)

i believe i've saved the best for last, when i entered this office, i thought perhaps i was in an 80's den (all that was missing was the faux wood panelling, but i guess that could just be taken from the mayor's office). let's see there was the neon beer sign, the fake fire place, complete with excess brick), record on the wall, soccer picture...and of course, the red phone on the wall. so i wondered what kind of person is this? they seem to be a liberal (with pics with past liberal PMs), or it could mean they like absolute power and are on some level corrupt (the pics were with chretien and martin), but i'll let you draw your own conclusions on that one....but what interests me the most is the red phone...i wonder is this the direct line to god? the mayor? or perhaps it's the adam west style bat phone....perhaps someone has a secret identity?

but i have to say you can tell a lot by a person's office...and what ive seen....definately scares me a little bit


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