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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Well this weekend was a shitshow

Well considering that my blog has yet to really take off, i feel as if i have no one really to apologize to for taking my time in posting again. so no apology will be given, ive been fighting a massive hang over all weekend since this weekend consisted of mass amounts of drinking and fighting unbearable traffic through out london (obviously not at the same time) and creepy cab drivers...just because a person calls a cab at 8am the morning, still obviously dressed in their clothes from the night before does not warrant a cab driver the right to ask if you've been naughty...gross, especially if they're old and creepy....not that i have anything against senior citizens, but i don't want someone asking me if ive been naughty who resembles my grandfather. anyway we headed to barney's patio this weekend, where i've determined that if you want a table you really have to get there early. needless to say with all the drinking that i did some of my comments are bound to end up on http://overheardatwestern.blogspot.com. Which i have to say is vastly amusing, especially the post on which disney character is the hottest...oh western students ...
now currently i am at work, getting paid tax payer's dollars, and "borrowing" internet to post this blog. now i want to comment on something that happened earlier this evening....it seems that an elderly man, with Alzheimer's wondered away from home. the london police were called and began the search for him. he lived on queens street, so apparently city hall was the place to conduct the search for the man. so one would think they would send one or two officers to search here, although there was a slim chance that he would be here considering the building is locked, so the police sent about 5 officers here...good job boys...they preceded to tell me that they were looking really hard for him (well i would hope so), but where can they find some food and pop/water....ahhh london's finest....not to worry though, the man was found, on southdale...


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You now have a link from another site, so no excuses for not posting now!

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