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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Victory lap?

So today I was checking out some of my friends blogs (sorry, nothing is going on today, so this is what I'm commenting on) and I came across Chuck's (401blog.blogspot.com), which if you're conservative you'd probably like. Now he checked out my blog, and commented on the fact that I'm taking a victory lap with school, and that I don't use capitals. I'm going to address the latter first. I don't use capitals because I'm lazy, I am quite capable of using them, as this post demonstrates, but this will be the last time, and it's just for you Chuck. Now the reason I'm taking a "victory lap" so to speak is that my lovely Political Science degree is basically getting me nothing. Apparently I am over qualified for jobs or not qualified enough. So I thought maybe I would try my hand at teaching, but since I did take politics, I'm lacking teachables, thus the extra courses. So I would say, not victory lap, but improving my degree :) As well I live in London, and there's not much to do to fill my time, so at least I always have something interesting to do. But I'm going to cut this short since I have to head over to City Hall and work tonight. Maybe I'll come across something of interest and give a real inside look on the happenings at City Hall...wait who am I kidding, nothing of interest happens at City Hall.



Blogger Robin said...

Don't want to clutter up your comments, but Mapmaker at London Fog thought you might be interested in having your blog listed in a directory of weblogs being compiled by Communications and Public Affairs, to be put on the web. Contact me if you think you might like to participate: tsutherl@uwo.ca

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