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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Tubing 101

so this past weekend i headed up north for some good old fashion boating and tubing, and drinking....as well i was free from london for the weekend...which is always a plus. i just wanted to share some of the wisdom that i learned about tubing this past weekend:

1. don't wear a two piece bathing suit...if you get thrown off, it will too

2. hang on tight, even if you feel as if you're arms are being pulled out from their sockets

3. if you do fall, the water does hurt

4. you will be sore the next day, with bruises and cuts

5. if you're left in the middle of the lake, they'll come back for you...because they'll want the tube back

those were my lessons learned...hopefully they will be some use to you. who would have thought water could cause such bruises and scrapes?


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