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Sunday, August 14, 2005

oh oil...you've done it again

so it would appear that gas prices have increased, yet again. yesterday on the drive home at oxford and wonderland, it was a 1.04...how depressing. now there was a semi interesting article in the london free press about the little gas price crisis that is going on...it made the comparison between water and gas, and that we don't complain that bottled water is 2.49L at the gas station, but we complain that it is 1.04L for gas. well perhaps if gas came out of taps at home, we wouldn't complain, but unfortunately we dont all have oil pumps in our back yard and cant have our own gas, like water. next time, perhaps the london free press should make a better comparison - maybe about something that we dont have ready access to ...what comparison are they planning on making next?

anyway im not going to comment too much about the gas prices...yah it sucks, but what are we really going to do about it as canadian citizens? nothing. we're going to continue to fill up our cars, and admit defeat. and im sure those emails that were sent around last year about how we shouldn't get gas from particular stations are going to crop up...and again, they do nothing. so yah we can bitch and complain all we want, but really what is that going to accomplish? this oil problem is not going to be fixed...its a finite resource - what canadians should be doing is focusing more on alternative sources for fuel - but alas, i guess its just easier to bitch about the price of gas and fill up the suv then to take the time to consider alternative choices that would benefit us.


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