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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

laziness has gotten the better of me

ok truth be told, im incredibly lazy...and have done nothing the past couple of days (or ten, since my last post) ...so i felt it was time for a new post, however i'm tired, and i cant decide what i want to talk about since so many things have happened in london the past week or so...
...wonderland gardens burned down....im glad i didnt go to springbank park that day....pit bulls have been banned...city council meeting was only an hour....all major events in london i'd say...oh and school is starting next week....on that note, the cafeteria in city hall allows students from central to come and have lunch there....but the students are pigs and leave huge messes etc etc....so the cafeteria staff has decided to leave a huge chalk board up for the students indicating the rules....slight problem with that though...the cafeteria staff apparently doesn't know how to spell cafeteria....they spelled it cafertia...the best part is the correct spelling is right beside the chalkboard...oh city hall you've done it again


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