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Friday, August 12, 2005

Breakfast Nightmare

While reading the london free press this morning, on the front page, they announce that our mayor anne marie decicco isn't going to run for the empty liberal seat in the London-Fanshawe riding, instead she is going to run for mayor...again. i'm not sure what is worse, the idea that she was acutally considering running for the liberal seat, or that she is actually running for mayor again. decicco was quoted as saying she hs no ambition for higher office. but mayor, she'll do mayor again, because that doesn't require any real work. although this very well could be a rumour spread to increase deccico's visibility for third mayor campagian...it is a very scary thought, considering that a Liberal official was quoted as saying" Deccicco would 'easily win' federal seat and present Londoners well". she doesn't even represent londoners well now, how could she possibly represent us well on a national scale. i'm not even sure if she would be able understand federal politics. they speculate that her family ties are holding her back from actually running for the seat, which is understandable, her being 40 and all, its scary moving away from home.
well needless to say i didnt finish my breakfast this morning. i have to wonder if the liberals are just getting desperate....honestly, anne marie? she couldn't even get the shriners to come here and build a hospital...she hasn't done anything remotely worthy of being a representation for london (even if it is a shithole)....thankfully she's not going to run, but the idea itself almost makes me want to vote conservative ...almost.
she is going to run for mayor again....i have to ask though...my god why? this whole article was a double edge sword...yah she's not going to be in federal politics, but ah! she's running for mayor again.
anne marie...perhaps its time to hang up your jump suit, and do us all a favour and just quit politics. please.


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