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Sunday, July 31, 2005

my first post....

the idea of this blog is to follow the happenings that are going on in london, ontario through the day of a gardner. what of interest is going on in london you ask? well besides horrible infrastructure, an inept municipal government (although its a slight stretch to be calling them government), there are a ton of things to do, like for example the ribfest that is going on downtown at the lovely victoria park....mmmm ribfest, the place where you can get a meal for the low low price of 14 dollars which will sustain your hunger for about half an hour. so there should always be something to complain...err i mean chronicle about the days of my life...which should nonetheless make this somewhat interesting and entertaining

for now i shall be heading off into london....where to go where to go....well first i must consider my route.....where isn't there construction? hmmm this is going to be a long ride