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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

update update update

hey all

this is going to be a quick update with some pictures....just came back from australia....it was amazing, it was awesome, i wish i was there right now! basically i was in brisbane, surfer's paradise, and sydney, plus i did a lot of road trips. i was only there for 9 days but again had an amazing time. i went to the australian zoo (where steve irwin used to be - that was a little sad), i went surfering which is a lot harder than it looks, had amazing food, and overall a great time. oh also did a wine tour which was fun and i petted a kangroo and held a kola, oh and i walked through a rainforest...there's heaps more to tell but i dont have enough time, unfortunately im back to school ....oh im also going to post some pictures of my last placement....anyway 8 more weeks of school, then its back to reality....boo


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

quick update

well im back to school now...yah im working on assessments...how exciting :s
anyway i've currently moved and i dont have the internet at home so my blog postings may be a bit lacking, shocking i know :D

anyway i hope to post more soon, with more pics etc....maybe i'll use my time more wisely now that im limited with my internet access....


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

and im back

so its been another long and hectic month....finished off my second placement....not a fan of teaching girls - was at an all girls catholic school....oh the incessant chatter.....so this is just a quick update of what is new in my life...first of all i am moving from my hostel hell....moving to the city as of july 1...happy canada to me :D second i start my vacation as of friday...trying to decide what im going to do....possibly thailand, maybe australia...dont know...suggestions? went away for my birthday weekend...went to waihke island, about a 45 minute ferry ride from auckland...a lot of fun...i'll post some pics of that....very pretty. went to an allblacks game on saturday night - for those who dont know, the allblacks are a rugby team in NZ - the rugby team --- they do the haka...sometimes they get in trouble, anyway they played ireland, my flatmate is from ireland, she knew one of the guys on the team, now this is where you would expect the story to get good....well it doesnt ....was supposed to go out with them after the game....but no, lost my cell phone...the time when you need it the most....good lesson, dont drink when you expecting an important call

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

more pictures

i know this isnt in any particular order but make sure you read the post below the pictures...probably would have made more sense if i had posted that last...ah well...anyway heres some more


pics and update

hey ...this is just going to be a quick update and some pictures :) i start my next placement on monday, this time im at an all girls catholic school...oh so exciting :) so i dont know how much i will be posting, hopefully more posts then less...but i cant promise anything

basically my trip to the south island was unbelievable, i absolutely fell in love with it there...

this was part of an email i sent the family and it gives you just some things about my trip (yes im lazy and dont want to rewrite, but i feel like it caputres how great it was to be in the south island)

the trip so far has been interesting....tuesday it rained all day and we drove from christchurch to wanaka...we didn't get their until like 1030, so tuesday was a bit of a write off...but the driving was definately interesting and we saw a lot of sheep thats for sure. and mountain driving is definately a little nerve racking wednesday we were supposed to go sky diving but the weather was not co-operating. basically it poured down with rain all day, but we did go to puzzle world (lol - it was actually very fun) and i did some driving though which was a little scary going through the mountains (the roads are very narrow and i tended to forget that there was another side of the car to deal with...aka the left side), more or less it was like learning how to drive all over again. we stopped at one of the many wineries that were along the way to queenstown and checked that out and had lunch...the wine was quite good. headed into queenstown and cruised around the city but with the rain it limited our plans thursday i went horseback riding...it was called the ride of the rings (robin is a big lord of the rings fan)....it as very cool, the sights were amazing. and for my first time on a horse it went quite well....a little sore today, but it was such an amazing experience and to have the opportunity to be on a mountain on top of a horse was a little mindblowing. it was all a little surreal thats what i've found this whole trip to be ...just surreal....especially today because i went sky diving. we were originally supposed to jump at 9000 feet but apparently there was some issue with that so we went up to 12000 feet...the view was crazy...like it was just so gorgeous...its hard to explain. i was definately a little scared when i was at the door and sitting on the side of the plane hanging out...the pictures will be posted tomorrow, i'll send you all the link so you can check it out. we did free falling for 1 minute which was really cool, we were going about 200km an hour...my instructor was actually from quebec so that was fun and he was really cool. today was just so surreal it was like you were just sitting in the air floating around, and to see all the mountains and the lakes/rivers....i can barely explain it. it was definately a great opportunity and i really want to do it again...maybe from 15 000 :)

Friday, April 28, 2006


ok im just going to make this quick because im at a hostel right now getting ready to go out to eat

but today i jumped out of a plane from 12,000 feet! oh yeah!

i love the south island of new zealand its fantastic

anyway i'll post more when i get back including pictures, even the pic of me jumping from the plane...or more like being pushed by my french canadian instructor


Monday, April 17, 2006

link to pictures...

because my internet is ridiculously slow....i have provided a link to my pictures....this shows all my pictures from new zealand, including seeing the rolling stones last night

let me know if the link works or not


so what did you do for easter?


ok that was one of the most amazing experiences ive had so far in new zealand, and it was so completely random as well

easter sunday, me and my fellow canadians made a lovely easter dinner...on a side note turkeys here are ridiculously expensive, so we went for the traditional ham, which was ridiculously expensive but so much bigger....anyway dinner went well, we had it during the afternoon....one of my friends' flatmates mentioned the rolling stones concert...we got tickets....at 430 in the afternoon, at the concert by 630....so wicked....the rolling stones put on an amazing concert

here are just some random occurances from the concert

man on our left threw up for about two hours in the garbag can (during nickelback), and came too when the rolling stones came on

girl on our right, passed out on the grass after nickelback...missed the rolling stones, was still there when we left

rolling stones ended with satisifcation....and there were about 60, 000 people there

i'll update some pics tomorrow


Friday, April 07, 2006


so today was my last day at my placement....im actually a little sad....but here is the card that my students made form me :) yes i know im not a mrs...but its the thought that counts